TEACH U1 Learn Change Teach (Container)

TEACH U1 Learn Change Teach (Container)

Learn Change Teach


  • Be aware of the potential for change within and through the teaching professions
  • Be aware of the role of the teacher and their possible misuse of power. Learn from the participants
  • Engage learners and arouse curiosity, create a healthy group dynamic
  • Monitor the learning space in order to maintain it secure, comfortable and well structured
  • Notice and address conflict or stress, handle even difficult training situations calmly
  • Inspire trust in change and maturation as fundamental parts of life
  • Behave as an example in benevolence (non-violence) /empathy and awareness, practice humour and demonstrate the joy
  • Inspire leadership for regenerative cultures

Learning Outcome (LO) as PDF: EN / DE / FR / SK

Sessions: (for Trainers only, password-protected)

  • Session 1 – Welcome: EN / DE / FR /SK