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Intellectual Output

O1.1: Glossary of concepts, principles and values for training in eco-construction

O1.2: Inventory of tasks and activities of trainers
in eco-construction

O1.3: Inventory of existing units, learning outcomes
and assessment tools for trainers in general

O1.4: Specific competence standard for trainers
in eco-construction complying with ECVET

O1.5: Charter for Training for Change (1st draft)

O2.1: Inventory of existing definitions and tools to measure sustainable construction

O2.2: Inventory of existing “training for change” methods and exercices

O2.3: Draft training objectives and curriculum based on the competence standard O1.4. and charter O1.5

O2.4: Scenarios and tools for teaching module 1 “teaching sustainability”

O2.5: Scenarios and tools for teaching module 2 “teaching for change”

O2.6: Scenarios and tools for teaching module 3 and 4 “teaching toward outcomes and mobility”

O2.7: Tools to collect feedback during trainers mobility and trial training session (activity C)

O2.8: Reviewed scenarios and tools

O2.9: Translation of the training modules into French, German, and Slovak