How to join Jump!

Excerpt from Jump! Training for Change MoU:

The use of JUMP! session plans and toolbox
In it’s full extension of the 4 modules at level 5, JUMP! was primarily designed to be a training for trainers in eco-construction. For that specific purpose, the partners have created 4 sets of session plans addressing a majority of the content of the 8 units of learning outcomes. By December 2020, 45 session plans were ready for release. These are a proposal and as much as possible based on processes that have been explored during the 2017-2020 project.
Partners agree that this material is accessible for free on the website More session plans and toolbox content can be created anytime by any partner of the MoU and shared between partners. The 8 JUMP! units of learning outcomes could be interpreted for contexts other than construction training and give rise to different session plans.
If the providers of such a curriculum are member of the JUMP! MoU partnership, they can offer their program under the name of JUMP! Training for change.

Holding JUMP! trainings / Course & workshop offer
The partners can offer trainings using the title “JUMP! Training for change” by implementing the 4 modules or just one, or a selection of sessions from one or several modules. Partners make sure they integrate tangible and intangible aspects of a module to their trainings, namely by using JUMP! ingredients (APPENDIX C).
The partners can offer one-off activities such as workshops and they can be named and recognized as “based on JUMP! Training for change”. Partners can offer JUMP! trainings within their own organisation or in training centres that they have commissioned or endorsed.
JUMP! Trainings can be held in the local language, English is not a requirement. But the partners recommend advertising the min English and offering the training in 2 languages, with translations during the training and with translated resources as much as possible.

Who can teach during JUMP! Training for change courses? The partners encourage to teach as teams of two or more trainers and to resort to transnational cooperation whenever possible so as to keep our network alive. The MoU signatory decides who is allowed and invited to run JUMP! trainings, even if the training is delegated to a training centre. The partners aim at creating a community of practice, where trainers share content, tools and methods or feedback. The session plans and online toolbox can be used freely by any other organization outside the MoU but not using “JUMP! training for change” as the title of the training or on the certificates.