O2.1 Inventory: Measuring Sustainable Constructions

Why is certification of buildings important?

The main goal of sustainable architecture and green buildings is to minimize the negative impact on the environment and human health, the efficient use of energy, water and other natural resources, the health protection of users of these buildings and the increase of employee productivity, waste limitation, pollution and environmental degradation.
As like as we can certified electronics, cars even process of production we surely can certified buildings and their impact on environment. We can certified not only building process, energy efficiency, dealing with waste or operation of the building but also design process or environmental impact after end of life cycle.

How to calculate?

The use of certification systems that evaluates the quality and sustainability of buildings in the context of wider economic, ecological and social relations. The main reasons behind the development and development of these tools for assessing the sustainability of buildings are the efforts to improve the quality of construction objectivized assessment with measurable and comparable results.
There are many international certification tools and systems to certified.Individual systems are typically divided by building type (residential, office, business, industrial …) to ensure more accurate assessment and fair comparison. Today, the attention to the larger urban areas has already begun in terms of certification. In recent years, efforts have also been made towards a unified system within the EU (harmonization of European Assessment Systems CEN / TC350).
The difference among all of used tools are how they cooperate with national codes and standard and different evaluation of each aspect. They are using different approach but with same goal. Each of all certificates have their own assessment system (points, percentage etc.) Each system have its own level of excellence and how precise building can be. We can say, that some of calculation are doing less harm to environment and some are trying to fix previous harm.



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