O1.3: Controlling and Trusting

Controlling Is Good, Trusting Is Better

39 entries found the way into our inventory. And the winner is an ECVET train-the-trainer program: XXI Trainer – see links below(. It’s a logical choice: We are also JUMP!ing towards a training within the European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training. Conclusion: “The partnership has developed a wide range of pedagogical materials and tools considered by teachers and trainers to be ‘very useful for their daily practice’ to enhance effective VET in line with the needs emphasized by the European Commission.” So it’s useful stuff – and perfectly in sync with all EU technicalities.

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Then there is the CEDEFOP study of 2013 (www.cedefop.europa.eu), where the “best overview about certified training programmes for VET trainers in the different European countries” can be found. Based on it the ongoing Erasmus project ESCOT is listing 8 core skills around trainer ethics and identity. It is, however, not based on ECVET principles.

Also worth mentioning: http://eu.trainerguide.eu (remark: great resource, training methods instead of training knowledge!) and “ESD Training of Trainers” (https://esd-expert.net). The latter comes with recommendations due to its especially JUMP!-compatible characteristics: Sustainability is key in this “holistic” approach, it also targets the overall topic of change.

Finally some thoughts: All these are tools. Used with the right intentions (as outlined in O1.2), they can be helpful in our lifelong learning process, structuring our reflection on things and making it easier to compare results over the course of time. Used with not the right intentions, tools bear a potential danger – in this case comparing results from one country/area/population to another with the uncooperative goal of raising oneself above others.

Another catch we should be aware of: Non scholae, sed vitae discimus (We do not learn for school, but for life) goes the old latin saying. But do we? Or do we just try to find the best answer to the same questions over and over again because that secures the best rating? And isn’t learning all about asking NEW questions?

Pilot: AsTerre
Redaction Group: Fédération Ecoconstruire, ASBN, EBUKI
Time Frame: Sept. 2017 – April 2018
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