What do you want with your organization?
EBUKI are fostering earth building, this means making earth building in all its forms legal, affordable, desirable, aspirational to builders, contractors, designers, clients, funders and regulators as well as interesting and accessible to the academic and research communities. There should be no distinction or block between the heritage, conservation and new build sectors, with information and skills flowing freely between all.

Why do you want it?
Currently many buildings are being built without the low emission, high comfort inclusion of clay bound structures and finishes. Until this is ‘normal’ we have a job to do to make it so.

How do you try to reach your goal?
EBUKI are an NGO which has national reach across the UK and Ireland through the activities of the executive group and members. We work with different groups, organisations and networks to develop structures which allow the normalisation of clay bound materials in construction and conservation. This involves the development of norms, training, assessment, education, workshops and public dissemination to the extent of our funding and capacity.
We run an annual event called Clayfest, a week of workshops, pop-ups, conference and tours set in a different location in each of the countries each year.

What is your superpower?
Mind control