What do you want with your organization?
To network and cooperate, rise awareness, train eco-building and teach sustainable architecture.

Why do you want it?
To address the needs of society and offer nature friendly solutions.

How do you try to reach your goal?
We established an eco centre / competence center to train adults in eco-building; we run ECVET courses for earth building and straw bale building, we teach retrofitting of traditional buildings and permaculture design. To rise awareness we inform the public by seminars, articles, social networks, fairs and exhibitions and other means.

What is your superpower?
We are competent, friendly and cooperative and we are professionals from all over Slovakia.

Phone: Zuzana Kierulfová, predseda +421 905 514 725
Address: Ekocentrum ArTUR, Hrubý Šúr 237, 903 01 Senec