What do you want with your organisation?
Promote earth construction as widely as possible; valorize the actors of the sector; build a network between the actors.

Why do you want it?
Because earth is a material of the past and of the future, it must today be helped: We believe in this!

How do you try to reach your goal?
Informing about earth building, informing about actors and events, creating events (4 assises nationale de la construction en terre), actively supporting earth building training, helping to overcome the differents obstacles: regulations, technical knowledge, etc.

What is your superpower?
Earth is with us! We come from earth, we will return to earth – in between we know how to build with and try to share this way of building.

Phone: +33 6 47 00 55 26
Address: 700 rue de la Pierre d’Etat
Petit Couronne 76650, FRANCE