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Building the Ecology of Change: Dissemination Event in Austria

Date: Friday 12. October 10-18 h,
Place: 3720 Ravelsbach, Hauptplatz 1, Barockgarten, Kulturkeller
Program & Lectures: German/English

The phrase “Building the Ecology of Change” is inspired by Gandhi, who realized that radical change is only possible if it is pursued at all levels at the same time – as has always been the case of straw bale building and clay building organizations in Europe. In order to build the ecological change, in order to come closer to this necessary paradigm shift in the building culture, we need new ways in eco-architecture: sustainable – holistic – human. That’s what this day is all about. And the manifold possibilities, how this building culture can be taught and learned. It’s about participation and togetherness. It’s about successful and experimental ways to build the future together.

The event was initiated and is the Austria event (Dissemination) of our EU-funded project Jump! Training for Change in cooperation with the Vienna University of Technology.

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