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6th Meeting in Verden/DE: TrialTraining

In Verden an der Aller we had our first Trial Trainings for Mod 1-4 at Biwena/Ökozentrum, hosted by Dittmar and Michael. We introduced: Group Actions (Dorodango Balls, Connection to Nature, Painting, Quotes, Demolition, Karaoke), Group Games (Name Games for Welcome Sessions, Spymaster, Acid River,…), Group Methods (like 6-3-5, Evaluation Tools, Make a Toast,…) and the searchable Toolbox (see right in the sidebar).
Mod 1 (Sustainability) and Mod 3 (Cooperation) were parallel programs in the Trial Training, followed by Mod 2 (Change the Training) and Mod 4 (Assessment). “Pioneers” from France, UK, AT and DE followed the Trainings. It was a great first TrialTraining to test and evaluate our Modules with 34 participants, trainers and Observers and besides we had a lot of fun.

See some of our actions (more in the Gallery):