6-3-5 Brainwriting

Groups-structured brainstorming technique, generating a multitude of ideas in a very short time: 6 minutes – 3 ideas – 5 people.

Number of people: any, groups of five (or 4, 6 or 7)

Time: 45 minutes

Place/Space: indoor, enough to give each group room to work


  • Pen and paper

Link to description (pdf): Brainwriting-6-3-5


Draw (how to Make) Toast

DrawToast is a Wicked Problem Solving™ design exercise by Tom Wujec that unlocks our ability to solve complex problems through visual thinking.

Number of Persons: 6-30

Place/Space: indoor, room enough for everyone to be seated at tables


  • flip chart (or stock of paper and clear wall space to mount notes for everyone to see)
  • post it’s
  • markers
  • masking tape

Link to description (doc): Draw-Toast_En

Link to original detailed description (PDF): Draw Toast-web
Link to TED-video

Walk to Earth

Walk to Earth is literally a grounding exercise, using the sense of touch to connect body, mind and earth.

Number of People: any

Time: 0.5 hrs

Place/Space: outdoor, open space according to group size


  • none

Link to desription (doc): Walk to Earth



Multiple variations of karaoke/sing-along games with or without equipment needed and different duration of the activities.

1. Name That Tune
2. Rewrite the Song
3. Song Lyric Musical Chairs
4. Rock Star Sing Off
5. Misheard Lyrics
6. Karaoke Roulette
7. Blind Auditions

Number of People: 5–15

Time: 0.25–1.5 hrs

Place/Space: Indoor, as little as possible

Equipment (depending on the chosen game):

  • Computer (optional)
  • Internet (optional)
  • Speakers (optional)
  • Paper, pens, bowl (optional)

Link to desriptions (doc): Karaoke/Sing-Along

Photocredit: Steven Aguilar on Unsplash

Pulling Numbers

The pairs are put together by pulling numbers.

Number of People: anything more than 10

Time: 0,1 hrs

Place/Space: any, 2 m² per person


  • cards or pieces of paper with numbers, something to pull them out of


A picture is cut into 2 (or several) pieces. The matching pieces form pairs (or a group).

Number of People: anything more than 10

Time: 0,2 hrs

Place/Space: any, 2 m² per person


  • pictures cut into two or more pieces (as many pieces as the desired group size)


Grapevine is an ice breaker game. People are introduced to each other in a creative way and get a chance to learn a few names.

Number of People: 10–20

Time: 0.5 hrs

Place/space: Indoor, ~2 m² per person


  • pen and paper

Link to desription (doc): Grapevine

Photocredit: public domain

Dragon’s Tail Dodgeball

Dragon’s tail dodgeball is a dodgeball game for groups of at least 12 people. Several groups compete each other.

Number of People: 12 or (many) more

Time: arbitrary, short

Place/space: Indoor, outdoor, lots of space (at least 60 m²)


  • You need at least one (soft) ball. In larger groups, several balls can be used as well.

Link to desription (doc): Dragon’s Tail Dodgeball