6-3-5 Brainwriting

Groups-structured brainstorming technique, generating a multitude of ideas in a very short time: 6 minutes – 3 ideas – 5 people.

Number of people: any, groups of five (or 4, 6 or 7)

Time: 45 minutes

Place/Space: indoor, enough to give each group room to work


  • Pen and paper

Link to description (pdf): Brainwriting-6-3-5


Draw (how to Make) Toast

DrawToast is a Wicked Problem Solving™ design exercise by Tom Wujec that unlocks our ability to solve complex problems through visual thinking.

Number of Persons: 6-30

Place/Space: indoor, room enough for everyone to be seated at tables


  • flip chart (or stock of paper and clear wall space to mount notes for everyone to see)
  • post it’s
  • markers
  • masking tape

Link to description (doc): Draw-Toast_En

Link to original detailed description (PDF): Draw Toast-web
Link to TED-video

Newsletter 5: The Slovak Encounter

Das 5. internationale Treffen von JUMP! Training for Change fand vom 19. bis 22. November 2019 im Ecocenter ArTUR in dem kleinen Dorf Hrubý Šúr in der Slowakei statt. Die Dinge haben sich in der Zwischenzeit deutlich beschleunigt, und da die Ziellinie in Sicht ist (das Programm läuft offiziell im August 2020 aus), haben wir uns ohne Umschweife ans Werk gemacht. Weiterlesen -> JUMP_Newsletter 5_DE

The 5th transnational meeting of JUMP! Training for Change took place in Ecocenter ArTUR in the small village of Hrubý Šúr, Slovakia November from 19th to 22nd, 2019. Things sped up significantly in the meantime and with the finish line in sight (the programme runs out officially in August 2020), we got right into it. Read more -> JUMP_Newsletter 5_EN

La 5ème rencontre transnationale de JUMP! Training for Change a eu lieu à l écocentre ArTUR dans le petit village de Hrubý Šúr en Slovaquie du 19 au 22 novembre 2019. Les ch oses se sont accélérées de manière significative entre temps avec la ligne d’arrivée en vue (le programme se termine
officiellement en août 2020). lisez la suite -> JUMP_Newsletter 5_FR